One month of keto! My results.

So it’s been a month since I started my keto journey. Time for a little round up.

1. Most of all… I feel wonderful. Honestly… I get up 7 am every morning no problem ( even though I have never been an early bird) and don’t stop running around until evening .

2. I’m never actually hungry. I really have to watch my meal times to make sure I eat.

3. No cravings. Until recently a day without the whole Terry Chocolate seemed impossible. I simply couldn’t imagine myself not eating sweet treats every day. Now… 30 days passed and I didn’t even think about it once. The right mindset is everything, but stabilised glucose level helps a lot.

4. Very very clear mind. This is actually hard for me to explain, but it seems like watching everything in HD. This is curtesy of Caprilic Acid (MCT oil ) which I add to my coffee every morning.

5. Weight loss of just over 3 kg. Great results taking under consideration I didn’t restrict my calories much, just eating wholesome 3 meals a day..

So guys…loving this keto life so far. Very proud of myself. But it’s worth mentioning… I’m actually writing this on the plane going to Spain for my long overdue holiday. As we all know too well, holiday and diets don’t go well together, but I’m determined to make it work. Will keep you posted ♥️🥑♥️🥑

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